"It is not 'can any of us imagine better?' but, 'can we all do better?'"

Abraham Lincoln, 1862

At Winning Our Future, we believe our nation to be the most successful civilization by any measure in all of human history,  Therefore, she is worthy of protection from the ideologies that seek to undermine her standing as a force for good in the world.   We can escape neither our history nor our duty.  Our solemn obligation is to perpetuate the virtuous principles that have made America a beacon of hope for all who commit to ascend to her ideals.

Political leaders and their decisions can make any place prosperous and free or poor and oppressive.  Therefore, strengthening our foundation in the bedrock of freedom demands leaders who understand without apology why America is great.

We seek to disrupt the status quo in Washington DC, and displace those elected officials - without regard to political party - whose chief aim is to diminish freedom by expanding government beyond its Constitutionally limited role.  Our goal is to defeat them, their ideas and their agenda and replace them with individuals who will preserve, protect and advance America as "the last best hope on earth."

America can do better.

At Winning Our Future, we will work tirelessly to deliver the leadership this great country deserves.


Americans must make the right choice next November in the ballot box – or this great nation as founded will not be recognizable.

There are two very different and distinct visions of what has made America great – what she stands for – and where she should go in the future. The elections of 2012 will determine which vision of America will be followed.

If we as a nation make the wrong decision – America as founded is over. We will lose our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren. The primary goal of Winning Our Future is to make sure America makes the right choice in 2012.

Winning Our Future will only be possible with contributions and involvement by citizens who support our vision for America over that of Barack Obama’s. We hope you will join us at this important and crucial time in our history by making a gift and by being involved.

Winning Our Future PAC urgently needs your donation to counter millions of dollars of negative attack ads coming from the President and his third-party surrogates.

Please join Winning Our Future PAC and make America great again.  Click below to invest in a better tomorrow!